Use for your day-to-day administration
and improve your company's performance
along the way...

Create quotes, manage projects, schedule employees and resources, register hours worked, register expenses, register travel times, generate invoices, manage your documents, visualize your company’s performance and more...

...for only €2 per month!

Very extensive, yet easy to use

Modulair: choose which app(s) to use to support your business needs

Unlimited customers, employees and projects

Sync data across an unlimited number of devices

Extensive document management and integration

What we offer

The Dipasc Business Suite consists of 8 fully integrated apps that support all aspects of the business process. Each app supports a specific part, this provides the flexibility to focus on a particular aspect of your business, but quickly scale up across the entire business process. Use only the app(s) you need.

  • Hours

    Record hours worked, expenses, and travel times per customer and project. Get insight into billable and non-billable hours.

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  • Quotes

    Create quotes and gain insight into the response rate of customers.

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  • Projects

    Manage projects and monitor spending for each project.

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  • Plans

    Manage plans, allocate employees and resources.

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  • Hour Management

    Manage the hours of all employees, gain insight into the performance of employees.

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  • Invoices

    Generate invoices for projects automatically. Get insight in the top customers.

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  • Master data

    Maintenance of data used by all apps, centralized or decentralized.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Answer all business intelligence questions by grouping, selecting, filtering, and sorting all data and visualize the data in real time.

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